Fayetteville Public Utilities Welcome to the Fayetteville Public Utiltiies Speed Test site. Your IP address is displayed below, and you may test your speed with the remote test here openspeedtest.com, or the locally based test.

Your IP:, Local Time and Date: 07:58 AM CDT - October 27, 2020

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You can click here to run a test from speedtest.com.

Note: Based on a large number of tests, a computer's performance can affect speed test results significantly. We recommend rebooting your computer and launching only the browser to do speed tests.

In addition, we've noticed some speed tests, particularly fast.com, are affected by browser choice. On the same machine fast.com went from reporting ~50% of rated bandwidth to 70-80% when we used firefox instead of Chrome, Edge, or Internet Explorer.

Finally, it appears some sites have hidden test limiting. Several speedtest.net remote sites were observed to suddenly drop into the <20 Mbps range after conduction two or three tests, possibly indicating a throttle after a certain amount of testing on the remote end.